Murray River Houseboats

Why choose Murray River houseboats for your next getaway?

Have you heard of our Murray River houseboats? The Murray river is one of South Australia’s most treasured locations, hosting multiple special gatherings for families and friends. There are various activities people associate with this large stretch of water, such as wake boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, speed-boating and more. But, have you ever considered indulging in a little luxury? Your houseboat experience is exactly what you make it, whether you’re seeking a full party experience to celebrate a special event or a tranquil summer escape; we’ve got you catered for. Our team at White Houseboats know the river, the wildlife, the surrounding environment, and how much potential the river holds for people seeking the ultimate South Australian experience. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and bask in all that this beautiful region has to offer. We have a great selection of Murray River houseboats to fit your experience, so make sure to browse through and find one that accommodates your holiday desires.

murray river houseboats

Our range of Murray River houseboats

Our Murray River houseboats are fully decked out with all the amenities and features you need for the ultimate Summer escape. Flat White can comfortably sleep up to 12 people with 6 separate bedrooms for privacy and comfort. While fully furnished with contemporary décor and modern technology, this boat also boasts additional highlights such as a gas-heated spa, music set-up and a complete kitchen. Similarly, Dreamweaver is a modern family fantasy. This houseboat consists of three bedrooms (with accompanying en suite facilities), an 8-person dining set-up, a fully equipped kitchen and plenty of living space to enjoy the river’s Australian charm. Absolute Bliss is next up; and the name accurately sums it up. With accommodation for 10-12 people, this party boast has excellent sound systems, a large sundeck and wide-rear swim deck for easy water access. River Breez also stands out as a soiree sensation. Although all of our Murray River houseboats are designed as luxury entertainment spaces, this boat has its own cocktail bar for guests to utilise.

Whitewater’s Murray River houseboats service

While our Murray River houseboats are designed to create a comfortable luxury space for your utmost enjoyment, the experience is fuelled by the beautiful location and great service. As the third-longest river in the world—spanning across three states—the Murray is one of Australia’s great assets. Only a 90-minute drive from the city of Adelaide, it offers a sense of seclusion without limiting accessibility to resources. As part of your experience, we provide our guests with full catering packages to reduce pressure and fuel the VIP feel. Our grocery list has up to 55,000 popular food options for guests to choose from so all you have to do is board and you’re ready to go.  Our team have curated a well-rounded luxury package which offers prime entertainment opportunities and complete and utter comfort. Guests can view pricing details for our Murray River houseboats and fill out contact forms through our website to book.

A short getaway on one of our Murray River houseboats could be the solution to your stresses. Make the most of the sun this season and organise a memorable trip for your friends and family to experience the Murray’s beauty first hand.